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Code of Conduct - ACISAA Forum

Specific rules and guidelines have been created for the operation of ACISAA Forum. The ACISAA website administrator and forum moderators routinely monitor the forum. Please read these rules carefully and direct any questions to


Website Subscription: Unlike the rest of the ACISAA website, entry to the forum is controlled via subscription to the ACISAA website and separate from ACISAA membership (however, subscription is required before becoming an ACISAA member). Due to this, you must subscribe to the website and be vetted in order to be granted access to use the forum. The forum administrators reserve the right to unsubscribe members at any time.  If you are an existing forum subscriber or ACISAA member, and can vouch for a new potential subscriber, you can notify the moderators at:


Posting: There is no active moderator who screens messages before they are posted. You may post messages directly to the forum and you are responsible for whatever you post. ACISAA website subscribers should be aware that criminal, foreign intelligence, and certain other organizations actively monitor military and technical discussions on the Internet and commercial online service providers. Therefore you should post no classified, FOUO/Controlled Unclassified Information, Law Enforcement Sensitive, or information not appropriate for public release. Also try to ensure that your posts are CI or military related in some way if posting in the main CI-Specific forum category. Additionally, unless you are specifically posting a reply to an existing post, please create a new post under the appropriate forum category. Finally, members must ensure they comply with relevant copyright laws when quoting or posting copyrighted material. See the U.S. Copyright Homepage at: for more information.

Professional Conduct: Personal attacks on individuals are not allowed on the ACISAA forum. Subscribers are encouraged to respectfully disagree with one another's opinions and ideas. But there is a clear difference between attacking an individual personally (which is prohibited) and disagreeing with their ideas (which is permitted). We are all current/former agents, let's be civil.


Commercials: Unsolicited postings by companies about their commercial products are discouraged. However, making mention of your product in the context of an on-going discussion about a particular CI issue is permitted. Posting civilian and civil service job announcements is also encouraged; however, please post these under the "Employment Opportunities" forum category if you are an ACISAA member with access. If you are forum subscriber and not an ACISAA member, you can send employment opportunities for posting to the general membership to an existing ACISAA member, or to


Adverse Actions: Violations of law, ACISAA bylaws, ACISAA forum Code of Conduct, or Department of the Army policies/regulations, may result in adverse action by the ACISAA website administrators or forum moderators. Possible actions include warning messages, removal from the forum and referral of violations to agencies for appropriate action.

Miscellaneous: ACISAA will not be listed on any local redistribution list or advertised anywhere outside of CI/military channels. The primary source for forum subscribers and ACISAA membership will be word of mouth. Additionally, website administrators are very aggressive when it comes to bounced email. If email to you starts bouncing, your forum subscription will be dropped fairly quickly and you'll have to re-subscribe when you get the problem fixed.

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