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ACI Special Agent Historical Badges

The history of U.S. Army Counterintelligence (ACI) is reflected in it's many versions of badges across the decades. At several points throughout history, there were different versions of ACI badges, some existing simultaneously depending on an agent's assignment. Below are many of those badges carried by ACI agents and it's predecessor organizations throughout U.S. history.

Pinkerton Detectives - Bureau of Military Information (BMI)

Circa 1862

During the American Civil War, prior to a formalized counterintelligence service, the Union Army created the Bureau of Military Information, the predecessor to Military Intelligence, and put famed detective Allan Pinkerton in charge of catching confederate spies and gathering intelligence. Pinkerton and his men often carried badges similar to these.

Corps of Intelligence Police Badge (MID)

Circa 1917

During World War I, agents of the newly created Corp of Intelligence Police (CIP) under the Military Intelligence Division (MID) carried this badge.

Western Department, Intelligence Service

Circa 1929

During the inter-war period, ACI agents within the U.S. were assigned to either Eastern, Western, and Southern Departments, and carried badges such as this one.

Corps of Intelligence Police Badge

Circa 1939

Immediately prior to World War II, the CIP had very few agents and carried this badge. After the attack on Pearl Harbor, CIP was renamed to the Counter Intelligence Corps (CIC) and rapidly expanded.

Counter Intelligence Corps (Pacific Theater)

Circa 1941

During World War II, many agents assigned to CIC detachments in the Pacific Theater carried a different version of the badge.

Counter Intelligence Corps

Circa 1941

Primary badge carried by CIC Special Agents in World War II and into the Cold War.

Military Police Command, Intelligence Division

Circa 1944

Before the end of World War II, an Inspector General report led to a temporary merger of U.S. based CIC agents with the Military Police Command under the Security Intelligence Corps.

U.S. Army Counterintelligence

Circa 2010

Badge carried by ACI Special Agents through much of the Cold War until 2011.

U.S. Army Counterintelligence (Modern)

Current Badge

Current badge carried today by operational ACI Special Agents world-wide, regardless of assignment.

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