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DoD Creates New "Insider Threat" Exhibit at the Pentagon with Help from ACI and other Agencies

In honor of the third annual "National Insider Threat Awareness Month," which kicked off September 1st, a new exhibit has opened up at the Pentagon which clearly demonstrates the Department of Defense's commitment to combating insider threats. The exhibit, which includes several technical and multimedia integrations, is titled, "Keep the Edge," and is the latest in government efforts to prevent criminal insiders from stealing classified information and harming Americans.

The exhibit includes several interactive elements that allows visitors to explore past leakers, foreign spies, and those who have caused serious harm to U.S. national security. There are several monitors displaying informational videos, while dozens of criminal cards containing details of various insider threats throughout history are hung by handcuffs for visitors to examine.

"We wanted to find a way to put these people's images up without honoring them. Everywhere in the Pentagon there are photos of heroes and leaders, all good people. But this exhibit has bad guys ... We have them hanging there from a bar with handcuffs. We wanted to show that these are convicted criminals ... We don't feel bad putting them in handcuffs."

MaryAnn Cummings, NCIS Senior Strategic Communications Advisor

While the new exhibit was funded by the Office of the Undersecretary of Defense for Intelligence, several agencies contributed elements to its construction, including pictures, artifacts, information, and manpower. Among the agencies taking part in the efforts for this new exhibit include the major agencies who actively combat these types of threats within the U.S., including the FBI, NCIS, OSI, and ACI. Army CID also contributed to the project and both Army CID and ACI provided imagery highlighting their mission and the work they do to keep the nation safe.

Regular Pentagon employees will be able to browse the exhibit and learn how they can assist in protecting our military and the nation from insider types. Authorized Pentagon visitors and guests of Pentagon employees will be able to tour the exhibit once COVID-19 restrictions are lifted or reduced. The point is to increase awareness, so if able, this exhibit will be open to more of the general public as soon as possible, a spokesperson stated.

"It highlights our commitment to honor the oath of service to support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies foreign and domestic. It pays tribute to the organizations and individuals across the department who are focused on preventing, investigating and bringing to justice those who attempt to harm our service members civilians, and their ability to maintain our nation's strategic edge."

– Kathleen H. Hicks, U.S. Deputy Defense Secretary



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